Jane is an award-winning designer and visual artist based in southern California whose areas of specialty are print and exhibition/environmental graphics. She owns and operates Studio Rabadi, a boutique design studio that focusses on developing print-based products, designing identities and print collateral, making art, and collaborating with cool people.

Prior to relocating in 2016 to Los Angeles County, she was the Director of Design at the Anchorage Museum. During her four years at the museum, she built a Design Department with the museum Director/CEO and was instrumental in conceptualizing the transformation of the museum gift store into a contemporary shopping destination that houses museum- and Northern-designed products. As part of the committee involved with the Anchorage Museum’s 2015-17 Strategic Plan, Jane participated in helping to cement Design as one of the key elements of the museum’s mission. In collaboration with the museum Director, she co-conceptualized the first Anchorage Design Weekend, held in September of 2016. She developed the Polar Lab design brand and infused that identity into the exhibitions, environmental graphics, program graphics, and publications related to Polar Lab.

Jane worked as the in-house graphic designer for Anythink Libraries before moving to Anchorage in 2012. Prior to her time at Anythink, she worked at the branding agency Monigle Associates, where in 2010 she was selected to be part of a three-person design team assembled by Aga Khan University to travel to Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan to spearhead their rebranding effort. She also worked as a graphic design intern at Art & Anthropology, a boutique design firm.

Jane earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Sweet Briar College. She is a two-time recipient of the Forsyth Fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) and has exhibited in Virginia, Colorado and Alaska.

Travel and being surrounded by Nature are high on her priority list and Iceland is her favorite place on earth. She thinks chickens are pretty cool, can’t get enough of podcasts, and ice cream cones will never be turned down. If she was going to be abandoned on an island and could take only one movie with her, Young Frankenstein would win out over Airplane by a tiny margin.


The Arctic Ocean, Utqiaġvik, Alaska, 2015
Photo Credit: Julie Decker