My new website is up and running! It took the design help of a few SoCal chickens (when they could fit me in around their yoga classes, juice cleanses, and auditions), devouring numerous ice cream sandwiches and bags of Moomin Valley cookies, playing entirely too many episodes of Murder She Wrote and Poirot for background noise, and a plethora of sanity naps but after six weeks of burning the midnight oil, it’s finally done. I chose to focus nearly exclusively on the design projects I was involved with during the four years I spent in Alaska because so many of those projects were challenging, rewarding, creative, layered, complex, and collaborative, but will be adding new projects as time goes along.

I will be sharing a Jane Rabadi Facebook page soon so please keep your eyes open for that. As well, I will be posting to this blog on a regular basis (famous last words) and adding travel photos to Wanderlust, so do check back from time to time to see what’s new!

Wishing you well,

xo Rabadi